Life in the West means being a part of the land
in ways that preserve what you love about it.


Preserving Montana

Life in the West means being a part of the land in ways that preserve what you first loved about it—the scenic beauty, the unscarred open spaces, the wildlife, the natural resources. This deeply held value has led to the formation of many conservation-oriented organizations throughout the Gallatin Valley and the state of Montana. Chapters of national conservation groups thrive here as well. All are meant to help residents to understand and participate in their stewardship of one of the world's most beautiful places, living in ways that are sustainable— that is, non-disruptive and healthy for all involved—for many lifetimes to come. Learn more about land conservation on Montana ranches and properties by browsing the links below or by visiting our conservation easement page.

Gallatin Valley Land Trust: | link |
Dedicated to the conservation of open space, agricultural land, wildlife habitat, and the creation of public trails in Southwestern Montana

Conservation Land Network: | link |
Working to preserve the ecological integrity of Southwest Montana and to foster responsible land stewardship

Gallatin County Open Space Grant Program: | link |
Seeking to preserve open-space lands for the enjoyment of present and future generations

Montana Bird Conservation Partnership: | link |
Coalition committed to the conservation of all birds and their habitats across the state of Montana

Montana Wetlands Legacy: | link |
Protecting and restoring wetland and riparian habitats in Montana

MT Natural Resources Conservation Service: | link |
Providing leadership to help people conserve, maintain, and improve our natural resources and environment


Montana Land Reliance: | link |
Committed to providing permanent protection for ecologically and historically important private lands and enriching the positive relationship between these lands and Montana's diverse communities

The Trust for Public Land: | link |
Conserving land for people to enjoy as parks, community gardens, historic sites, rural lands, and other natural places to ensure livable communities for generations to come

Land Trust Alliance: | link |
Promotes voluntary private land conservation to benefit communities and natural systems

Path to Eden: | link |
Inform new & existing landowners of opportunities, responsibilities, & challenges that accompany owning property in rural MT: community relations, wildlife mgmt, noxious weeds, water rights, historic preservation, & responsible construction to ensure preservation of culture & landscape.

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