“Thank you for the great tour today.  I think it’s a great house on a great property.  My wife and daughter, however, have other ideas for what is a suitable property to meet their needs, so unfortunately, we are a pass. Your sales presentation was skillful, which I greatly appreciate.  I am always on the hunt for great land.  Please send me future opportunities.” -- LW,  January 9, 2019

"You Soar Above The Rest: With amazing elegance, grace and your intelligence made it pretty easy, too. We are so appreciative of all your hospitality and care.  Above and Beyond!  Thank you, we look forward to many beautiful years ahead at North Bridger Ranch" -- SP and SP,  April 20, 2018

"After looking for property from Colorado to New Mexico and beyond for years on our own and almost giving up. In only a few months YOU helped us find the perfect property! Thank you for making my lifelong dream of ranch property in the west come true! Thank you for putting up with my husband's SOMEWHAT pain in the neck, quirky, type AAA personality! You deserve a MEDAL! We finally have the piece of land that feels like home, and we can't wait to get started planning our western home. I'm grateful, and appreciative of the patience and professionalism you showed us throughout the process. I know we have the right property in the right place and made a new friend in the process. All our very best to you, with thanks, and sincerity." -- TB, October 2017

"Vivian Bridaham, has been a friend and mentor to our family for several years in the Bozeman area. She was diligent finding properties that fit our needs. We tested her endurance and patience by viewing multiple home sites over a two year period. She was always kind and never became frustrated. After the purchase of our home she continued to follow up on all necessary details. We believe Vivian to be extremely knowledgeable in every aspect when acquiring a home. Her contacts in the Bozeman area with contractors, craftsmen, electricians, plumbers and inspectors proved to be most valuable. Vivian made our transition to Bozeman a positive experience." -- JMD and LD, January 2016

"Very exciting! And, many thanks to you for making this once again a more than pleasant experience….in fact, a very fun one! And…one I/we feel safe and comfortable making with your advice and help. Best." -- LD, January 2016

"This was an interesting and challenging project. Linda and I both appreciate your hard work and expertise." -- RA

"We were looking for a home in Bozeman so we could be closer to our grandchildren -- Vivian made it happen! She was a complete professional and did a great job representing our interests during the purchase. We suspect that the key to her success is not only her wealth of experience in the real estate business and the community but also her unfailing graciousness in the day-to-day contact. We were kept fully informed every step of the way which made the sale go very smoothly. We are very happy with our new home. She has our highest recommendations and thanks!" -- CD and TW, July 2015

"Listing with Sotheby’s and working with Vivian Bridaham was a smart decision and wonderful experience. The house sale ended in a “war” between the two buyers which enabled me to get a through it without the usual minutia, and it sold in the time allotted. Not an easy feat in these times. I am also very grateful to Vivian for keeping my nerves from completely fraying. It was an extremely difficult choice I had in selling my home, but she made it easier, and certainly faster, to make the transition." -- HR

"Thank you for your effort and diligence in getting the house sold. We do understand these are challenging market conditions and are pleased to get through the process." -- BB

"You did a wonderful job for us and we all agreed that you are a very hard worker who covers all the bases in a timely and most efficient manner. Continued good luck with your sales and please keep us posted." -- VU and CS 2013

"If you just want to list your property for sale, use any broker; but if you truly want to sell your property, list it with Vivian Bridaham!" -- MS and CS

"Vivian Bridaham did an amazing job for us! She previewed numerous properties when we could not; she researched everything from agricultural questions to water rights issues; she hiked miles to view the far reaches of large properties; she put us in contact with the right people; she answered all of our questions in a professional, courteous manner. Truly an expert in her field she is an asset to home and ranch buyers who want someone who really understands the area! As out of town buyers we put all of our trust in her to set up the right properties to view and she did not disappoint. She understood our time constraints and didn’t quit until we found exactly what we wanted. During the purchase process we relied on her expertise and experience and found it invaluable. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to work with the best in the field! She went above and beyond and we can't thank her enough!" -- AD and ND

"After much discussion, my wife and I have decided that we are going to concentrate our home finding in Whitefish. The smaller town, many trees and numerous lakes and rivers are very attractive. We thoroughly enjoyed the time we spent with you. Your professionalism in all regards is extraordinary. Thank you kindly." -- CY

"The Sotheby's team has a keen ability to connect like-minded buyers and sellers, a relationship that goes well beyond just the sale of a home. They understand that the value of a home is less about its price range and more about its character and attraction to a particular buyer," said client Dick Kendall. "Most importantly, Vivian has an astute business sense and a sharp focus that allows her to move a transaction forward smoothly from presentation to closing. In dealing with high-end real estate and sophisticated principals, these are unique qualities that set The Collection Sotheby's apart."